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Day #2, Post #2, Site Revision #2…

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Wow…a night’s sleep and a new crop of ideas and information overload. I had forgotten how much work building a website was. It has been a while. I thought using a template format would make it a lot easier and faster. I guess it has to some degree, but I have also realized I have given a large amount of control over to the template. Now my energy is spent trying to work within the bounds of what the developer will allow.

As I tweak and adjust I keep finding different ways to accomplish things. No big deal. I can adapt. The nice thing about templates is that it makes it easy to recreate something from scratch. The hard work is combing through a few years of images to upload. Those are all still here, safe and sound.

As a person once stated in a customer meeting a few years ago…”It’s just a few lines of code…”

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