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The grand old oak

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I took this picture of this magnificent oak tree almost 6 years ago. I first took notice of it while watching my daughter play youth soccer on the soccer park fields. This tree was at the very end of the park property, standing in a place of honor with the old wooden rail fence providing a protective boundary. I told my wife that I really wanted to come back and get a picture of it because I knew eventually it would be sacrificed to make room for more fields.

I finally went there one afternoon with camera in hand which I barely knew how to use it correctly. I fancied myself an aspiring photographer and I was going to immortalize that grand old tree. As it turned out I was disappointed in my results. I had messed up my camera settings, having left it set for my daughters soccer match. I should have just gone back to re-shoot it, but for some reason I just never did.

I went back there again tonight. No, not the tree. It is long gone, replaced by the aforementioned soccer fields. I went back to the files looking for inspiration. I do that when I haven’t been able to get out and set my creativity loose for a while. Between an exceptionally cold winter and long work hours I just haven’t had the drive to get out. But things are changing again. The weather has started to warm, winter has passed, or so the calendar says, and trees are beginning to bloom. I went back for the inspiration.

I looked at that old oak and saw the man and the dog. I pictured myself there, in the summer afternoon as the sun is setting and we are watching the summer warmth settle on the fields of young children doing what they do best, playing without a care in the world. I miss that tree and I miss watching my daughter play in those fields. She has grown into a fine young woman on the verge of starting her new life as an adult. I can only imagine the things she will accomplish in her life. It is a good time to be sure.

I reworked the image of that tree with these thoughts. Yes it is in black and white, but I added a warmth to it reminiscent of that summer sun, picturing myself sitting under it.

That grand old oak.

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