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Of Ruts and Opportunities

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I find myself coming back to this image time after time. I was driving down the interstate near my home one afternoon when I saw a group of men climbing a small wall of ice that had formed on rock outcropping off of the shoulder of the highway. These 3 local men normally travel all around the country looking for places to climb ice. Here they discovered a rare set of events that created an unusual opportunity right here in good old Alabama. When I saw them I knew I needed to capture that moment. It represents a lesson we can all learn from. Learn to recognize an opportunity to challenge yourself, no matter how small or rare the circumstance.

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This morning I was reflecting on the rut that I have been in photographically. It has been a couple of months since I have taken the time to do anything resembling a serious effort, and that was at a workshop. I enjoyed those 2 days. I spent time with a great group of fellow photographers and a bunch a beautiful models. I was able to add several wonderful images to my portfolio. The afterglow from a shoot like this only carries me for about 2 weeks.

Work has really impacted my desire and opportunity to get out and spend some quality time with my camera. I am in the midst of a major project that is on the eve of coming to a close. The weather hasn’t been that great, my knees have really been hurting and there is a whole list of excuses for not getting out and shooting.

I needed a visit back to this image to remind me that I simply need to be prepared for and take advantage of whatever opportunity presents itself. I almost always have my camera in the truck with me. I need to remember to open my eyes and take advantage of those situations that just happen to jump out at you when you least expect it. I needed a little push so I joined a group challenge that a friend of mine has put together. A weekly theme to get the creative juices a little caffeinated kick start. It’s time to get back out there exercise that shutter button.

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