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Mother’s Day 2012

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Mother’s Day is the one day we set aside each year to give thanks and pay tribute to the most important woman in most of our lives. I realize that everyone has their own special story about their mother, as well we should. Some of us are still fortunate enough to be able to spend time with ours, which I realize so many of my friends no longer can. I have wanted to share this picture for a long time but held off out of respect for Mom. I wanted her blessing before I did. You see, this picture has great meaning to me even though it doesn’t appear to show her at her best. The truth is, she is more at her best here than she realized.

Last year my mother faced the news that no woman wants to hear. She was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer. Fortunately we found it early and with the help of a caring physician and a skilled surgeon she was able to beat this with minimal impact to her life. She was much more fortunate than most when it comes to dealing with cancer. Through it all she remained the same strong willed and stubborn woman I have known all my life. I know she was scared, but she wouldn’t show it, wouldn’t admit it.

This picture is a deeply personal one for me. I took it in her recovery room the evening after her procedure. She wanted some sherbet so we had snuck some up to her room. Hospital food just wasn’t doing it for her and we figured it wouldn’t hurt. She really enjoyed that treat and it was great to see her smile a little after all she had been through up to this point.

This is the lesson I took from her experience. Don’t give in to adversity, stay strong. When it’s all said and done, sneak in a little treat for yourself. After all, the healing power of ice cream should never be taken lightly. I love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day.

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