Yours Truly

Ok, my name isn’t really “J”, its Jerry. I do know several “J’s” though if that counts for anything. So technically this site should be named Jerry Slaughter Photography, but it isn’t…

As you are probably starting to see is that I don’t take things too seriously. At least where I am concerned.

I always have the hardest time coming up with an “About Me” description. It’s really not about me, after all, it’s about the photography. That I do take seriously. I do not make my living with a camera, I would like to, but I enjoy some of the finer things in life. Things like a steady guaranteed paycheck, food, my daughter’s tuition payments and my son’s grocery bill.

Starting to see the picture?  I know, bad pun. Sue me…

This site has been created to showcase some of my favorite images. I have plenty of other images posted on various social media sites like Facebook and Flickr, but it is too difficult to keep them filtered down to those few special images that really showcase what I can do. Besides, they look really bad when they get pushed up on those sites. I wanted a venue that would allow you to enjoy them closer to what they really look like.

If you see something that catches your eye let me know. I may not make my living shooting them, but I am not opposed to selling a shot or two. I also do commission work if you like my style and want something unique or specific.